Ant Killer

This is one of many similar formulas we found on the internet to get rid of the annual invasions by Argentine ants into our kitchen when we lived in Stone Mountain. One of the web sites noted that this formula may not work on all species of home-invading ants. Also, it emphasized that if too much boric acid is used, then the scout ants may die before they transport the poison back to the nest. Or, if not enough boric acid is used, then the nest will not be killed.

Boron is an effective insect killer. When we lived in Athens and the dogs were bringing fleas into the house that got transferred to the cats, we de-flead the carpet by sprinkling 20 Mule Team Borax™ on the carpet and let it stay overnight before vacuuming.

Mix the ingredients in a microwavable jar and microwave to get it warm. Shake until sugar and boric acid dissolve.

Soak cotton balls in the solution and place on small pieces of wax paper in areas where scout ants have been detected and wait a day or so. Be patient because once the scouts find the food source, more ants from the colony will visit the food source. This may go on for several days; for us this has lasted about 2 days to a week. You will know that the boric acid has worked once no more ants visit the bait.