Bratwursts in Beer and Modification

The traditional southern Wisconsin method for bratwurst can be used with a variety of mild sausages including mild Italian turkey sausage.

Grill the sausages then place in a sauce pan and cover with beer, sliced onions, and a dab of butter. Simmer until served with good buns, horseradish, mustard, or what ever else you like.

The modification is to use hot sausages (hot Italian or Andouille). After grilling, place in a sauce pan and cover with cheap red wine, sliced green peppers, and roasted red peppers. Simmer until served.

Another version of this that some old timers prefer is to reverse the order of boiling in beer and grilling. Viz., boil the brats/sausages in beer with the onions, then grill the brats/sausages. Still use the onions for garnish.