"the best boy"
May 26,2011-January 17, 2021


Pibb had been left on the door steps of PAWS Atlanta Rescue along with his eight siblings. They were all given names of soft drinks. When we were trying to decide which in the litter would be our dog, Pibb let us know he was the one by snuggling up to Ann and giving her the most loving of looks.

Pibb was fun to watch as he developed from a cute puppy; through a somewhat unruly, fun-loving teenager; and into a loving, loyal, handsome, and well-mannered friend. One of the most memorable moments with him include his first day with us when he discovered that he could pull sticks from the wood pile. Another fond memory is when he found a nest of bunnies and didn't harm them.

After our move from our house in Stone Mountain to a town house in Sandy Springs, he told us he needed a friend to keep him company. He warmly welcomed Patches into our pack. They were the best of friends, snuggling next to each other during rides in the car, playing tug-of-war, and enjoying taking naps together.

When we moved to Minnesota and had our own yard again, Pibb would run full speed from one end of our property to the other. Occasionally he would stray into the park next door when he was chasing one of our neighborhood foxes. But he always came back right away once Dad whistled. Pibb enjoyed having his chest scratched and told that he was handsome, smart, big and strong, and the best boy ever.

Near the end of 2020 what a veterinary neurologist suspected was a brain tumor caused Pibb to act confused and become unsteady, eventually being unable to go down stairs by himself. He was taking a nap on his favorite blanket on a peaceful Sunday morning and never woke up when the caring veterinarian from MnVets came to the house to euthanize him.

Pibb was a beautiful, kind, and loving companion to his people friends. He was the best boy.

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